Having a kitchen knife set that fits all my needs

In my career as a chef, I have come to learn one important lesson, that having a descent set of knives is a modern kitchen essential. Whether preparing the most sophisticated meals, or the simplest of all meals, I always ensure I have a set that fits all my needs. If you are into full-time cooking, you will agree with me that the best knife sets does not come cheaply. This is because they are made of high-carbon steel, they are extremely sharp, correctly weighted and they are often handmade, hence they take time and brain to get the end product.

Below, I round up the best knife block set that have made a perfect cut for me for a number of year. You can look for other good reference on the best kitchen knives set at Pcnchef.

knife block set

The Taylors Eye Witness Dexterity Colored Knife set

Whenever I need a knife block set on a tight budget, this colorful set is my most trusted kitchen partner. Each knife in this set is perfectly crafted with unique stainless steel and coated with a non-stick plastic which makes gliding through tough foods an enjoyable task for me.

Beauty and elegance is something this knife assures me. The pop and color on them my kitchen a magnificent look, and make me an example for many who want more for their kitchens.

With a superb transparent block, I forget about the tedious process I go through of always pulling out the wrong knife. I can confidently say this is the first knife block set I purchased, but to me, it is always as good as new.

The Joseph Joseph Lockblock Knife set

This is one knife block set that has the most innovative remedy to most kitchen problems I face. I don’t have children myself (maybe I am too young for that), but my neighbors children throng my kitchen regularly thanks to my love for them, and quite honestly the sweet aroma that comes out of the back window. This set ensures no child interferes with all the knives in it owing to its outstanding and highly effective lock system. All I do is ensure no one sees the easy release button which seats perfectly on the side.

Made from modern Japanese stainless steel, all the knives in this set assure me of durability, ease of cleaning, and most importantly, resistance to the most common knife problems i.e. corrosion, pitting and rust.
Each blade is color coded which guarantees unwavering gorgeousness of my dear kitchen.

The Wusthof Knives Classic Anniversary Set

I have come to respect Wusthof Company for all the good reasons. This anniversary knife set not only consist of five full-tang blades which are flawlessly balanced for cool chopping, but also include kitchen shears and a dependable sharpening steel.

Each blade is made of high-end carbon stainless steel hence durability is not an issue that can give me stomach ulcers. With forged knives in this set, strength is a sure bet. This means all the knives can withhold the toughest chopping, such as ice-frozen steak with ease.

The ergonomically devised handles makes all the blades in this set the most balanced, and the most comfortable ones I have held in years. The heel and bolster in each and every knife in this set assures me of zero injury in my cooking. What else could you be looking for in knife block set?

When I considered purchasing these sets, I have never gone wrong in my cooking. Make a life-long investment today and try one or all of the above. If I made it, you will definitely make it.

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